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Lavazza Products
Lavazza Cartridges Lavazza Aroma Point Crema Cartridges - case of 100

Price: $54.00

Lavazza Aroma Point Crema is a blend of coffee from Brazil, Central America, and Africa, creating a perfect balance of velvety crema and an intoxicating aroma. This espresso blend is available in simple, single-serve cartridges for exclusive use with the Lavazza Espresso Point Machine. Everyday use is as easy as placing a cartridge in the machine, pressing a button, and delicious gourmet espresso is ready in moments.

Lavazza Aroma Point Dek Decaffeinato Espresso Cartridges Lavazza Aroma Point Dek Decaffeinato Espresso Cartridges - case of 50

Price: $31.00

Lavazza Espresso Dek Decaffeinato is a full-bodied blend that doesn’t sacrifice flavor to remove caffeine. Made using a natural-water process, this high quality espresso is available in single-serve cartridges for use with the Lavazza Espresso Point Machine. Everyday use is as easy as placing a cartridge in the machine, pressing a button, and delicious gourmet espresso is ready in moments. Lavazza Espresso Dek Decaffeinato cartridges come in cases of 50.

Lavazza Espresso Point Machine
Lavazza Espresso Point Machine

Price: $695.00
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The Lavazza Espresso Point is perhaps the most convenient semi-automatic machine we offer. Rather than using ground espresso or ESE pods, the Lavazza Espresso Point uses only specially designed cartridges that can brew your choice of gourmet espresso, tea, hot chocolate, and even consommé. There’s no need to worry about finding the perfect tamp pressure, grind fineness, or tea infusion times: the compact cartridges and the Point’s simple controls take care of it all.

In addition to the Lavazza Espresso Point’s streamlined design, it also has the features you’ve come to expect from a semi-automatic machine: a steam wand for frothing milk for cappuccinos and lattes, hot water dispensing, and attractive housing. The Point has chrome-plated stainless steel housing with brass accents on the top and sides of the machine, making it the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen.

Please note that this machine is compatible with only Lavazza Point cartridges, not Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) pods.

Mess-Free Cartridges - Because the Lavazza Point exclusively uses cartridges, you know that brewing a delicious espresso, tea, or hot chocolate takes only moments. Just open the door on the front of the machine, place a cartridges in the brewing chamber, close the door, and the cartridge will automatically click into place. The next time you place a cartridge in the machine, the previous cartridge is pushed into a dump drawer in the the bottom of the Point.

Manual and Pre-set Brewing - The control panel on the Lavazza Espresso Point allows you to make a consistent cup every time you brew. The control panel has 3 buttons with pre-set volumes that let you make a small, medium, and large cup. They will automatically stop the flow of water when the pre-set volume is reached. You can also manually start and stop brewing for a customized cup.

Stainless Steel Steam Wand - When you want to froth or steam milk for cappuccinos, lattes, or macchiatos, the Lavazza Point has a stainless steel steam wand. The wand is able to swivel in and out, giving you plenty of room for your frothing pitcher. Plus, because it’s made of durable stainless steel, it’s easy to clean.

Large Reservoir - The Lavazza Espresso Point has a large 3-liter water reservoir, so you can make plenty of cups before ever needing to refill. A light will illuminate on the control panel whenever you need to refill, so the boiler will never run dry. Plus, you can easily add more water through the opening on the top of the machine.

Instant Hot Water - The stainless steel steam wand on the Lavazza Point also serves as a hot water dispenser. By pressing the hot water button on the control panel, you can make any variety of tea, hot chocolate, or instant soup that isn’t available in cartridge form. To stop the flow of water, simply press the stop button.

Large Dump Drawer - Every time you put a new cartridge in the Point, the previous cartridge is pushed into the dump drawer on the bottom of the machine. With room for over 30 cartridges, this removable drawer can be easily pulled out to pitch the spent cartridges in the trash. To clean, just use a non-abrasive detergent and a soft sponge.

Accessories - The Lavazza Espresso Point comes with a user’s manual and cleaning kit.

Origin - Italy

Color - Chrome-plated stainless steel with brass accents

Power - 120 Volts

Size - 14.5”H x 9.25”W x 12”D

Weight - 32 lbs